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The drag and drop interface makes it easy to use and those with more advanced skills can add animated backgrounds.

This week, we are talking about the first sign you should look for to determine whether you or someone you know could have a catfish.

First, let’s look back to when digital connection really took off on the World Wide Web: In the 1990s, everyone at some point in time either had AOL Instant Messenger or participated in one of the infamous MSN chat rooms – asking for your ‘age sex and location’ aka “a/s/l”.

If you had a personal home computer at the time, your family was doing pretty well.

We at Encounter want to believe most people have the best intentions, and we want to give the benefit of the doubt to those who may be having technological issues.

So, we’ve come up with some suggestions for connecting digitally with someone you want to have a deeper connection with, but have not been able to have a real video chat conversation: Some people just like staying off the grid, but if they really care about you the way you care about them, they will go above and beyond to initiate and create a video conversation.

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